In and around your family there are many moments that you would like to capture. That could be birthdays or other festivities, but you could also want to have a nice picture of your family, your kids or your loved one. Such a picture would be the perfect gift. How nice would it be for grandparents to have a picture of their grandchildren. I can also make portraits to be used on social media profiles or company profiles.

These pictures can be made in my studio but also on location. Photographs are taken after a short period in which we get used to each other.

I make a first selection of all pictures taken. Post processing will take around 4 hours. My selection will be presented to you within 2 weeks for you to make your own selection.

A children-, family-, love- or portrait shoot costs: € 75,- (excl. VAT) to a max. of 8 persons. When more then 8 persons have to be photographed then the costs are: € 150,- (excl. VAT) because I have to bring an assistent.

When the weather is too bad to take a shoot outside, then a new appointment will be made, or the shoot will take place in my studio (provided the group is not too large).

Tips for the children-, family-, love- or portrait shoot

  • - A children shoot is possible from 16 weeks to 12 years of age.
  • - In my studio a maximum of 4 children can be photographed at the same time.
  • - With small children it might be handy to have a stuffed animal for them.
  • - You can change chothes during a shoot.

Recommandations regarding clothes:

  • - See to it that clothes feel comfortable.
  • - Try to avoid busy prints. They draw the attention to the clothes and away from the person.
  • - When you want black / white pictures then choose combinations of dark and light clothes.
  • - To much black clothes is not advised for color pictures.
  • - For outside photography pastel shades work best.
  • - With groups you get the best result when clothes match. Think of pastel shades but also white with denim gives nice results.
  • - Make sure your clothes are "timeless".

- Do not put large object (mobile phones) in your pockets.

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