The spaghetti smash is a variation on the well-known Cakesmash. It's a party for the child and the parents (and the photographer). The shoot usually takes place when the child is 10 or 11 months old so that photographs become available when the child has its first birthday. It is important though that the child can sit up straight on its own.

I will make a first selection from all photos that are taken. Post processing takes about 4 hours. My selection will be presented to you within 2 weeks so that you can make your own selection.

For more info (for instance about the cost) you can fill out the form below or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. me.

What happens during a spaghetti smash shoot?

- The studio will be decorated and I will provide spaghetti (with lots of sauce).
- At first I will take some pictures without spaghetti so that the child can get used to the photographer and all things around him or her.
- Then the child receives the spaghetti. They can do whatever they want with the spaghetti and I will take pictures of that.
- When we are finished there is the possibility to bath the child and put them on some clean cloths. So be sure to bring clean cloths. 

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