Today (monday march 7, 2022) I was able to arrange my exhibition in village house "De Schammert" in Leende. 


hbl blog 1Today (thursday february 3, 2022) I could organize 3 exhibitions. My work can now be seen in 3 nursing homes. In Valkenswaard my work is shown in "Taxandria" and "Kempenhof" and in Leende my work is shown in "Leenderhof".





City counsel elections

mandy en frank beks 1

On monday januari 10 (2022) I photographed all candidates for the city counsel elections from the party "Frans Maas voor Oud en Jong". These profile pictures will be used in their campaign for the upcoming election.





My photograph in Zoom

My photograph in Zoom-Lightpainting and that makes me very proud. CLICK HERE.